Settembre 2013 – Forbes

“…The hotel next door, Zoello Je Suis, was to be my hotel for four nights, while I was visiting the area. The hotel and restaurant are officially in Castelvetro di Modena, and before leaving New York, I checked out the location on the Internet. Wow! Who wouldn’t be impressed by Castelvetro di Modena!?

But a funny thing happened on my way to the hill. On the flat-lane road below the hill, I passed a kinda roadside-y nondescript hotel with a sign proclaiming “Zoello.” Screech. Oh man…could this be my hotel? It was, and all thoughts of staying in a medieval castle were abandoned.

Ironically, this very humble hotel…became one of my favorite hotel stops on the trip! Yes, it has something of the modern motel thing about it…but it wasn’t long before I realized that this was a small family-owned hotel, run by a mother/daughter team with infinite heart.

The daughter, Isabella Giliberti, whom I got to know better is an incredibly lovely soul, who tends to her flock of guests in a manner that can only be called anachronistic. For example…I arrived with some complaints about my back…and found myself in a room across from the steam bath and sauna, to which I was given unlimited access. The “Turkish Bath” was much bigger than my room…and never had anyone in it…making me feel as if my room had been converted into a suite by this simple act of kindness. At 55 Euros a night!

Moreover, coming into the circle of this family makes one feel the warm Emilia-Romagna spell more strongly than ever. I had fantasies of being a resident here…”


Citazione presa dall’articolo su, del critico e giornalista enogastronomico David Rosengarten, nostro ospite insieme a un gruppo di giornalisti e critici, per l’evento “Grasparossa Qualità senza riserve” al Castello di Levizzano nel mese di settembre 2013.

Questo evento ha richiamato l’attenzione di molti critici a livello internazionale, che hanno scoperto e apprezzato la cucina tipica modenese e il Lambrusco Grasparossa orgoglio della nostra zona.

Noi ringraziamo il sig. Rosengarten per averci menzionato nel suo articolo quando non era scontato che lo facesse.